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Blue Sea Divers - FFESSM - CEDIP courses - 4 days (level 1)

Diving Mahe
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Description - Blue Sea Divers - FFESSM - CEDIP courses - 4 days (level 1)


Dive course package Level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP. Preparation of 3 to 4 days.-5% exclusif discount on normal rates if you book with Prepare your level 1 FFESSM or CEDIP in an idylic setting, you will be supervised by a team of experienced instructors. During the lessons you discover the seabed of Beauvallon to the north of Mahe on different sites of dives chosen according to the progress of the courses. The Blue Sea Divers Diving Center is located near the Mahe Marine Reserve and is ideal for access to the best diving spots of the Islands.


This Level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP diving course is prepared between 3 and 4 days. The diving center Blue Sea Divers is qualified for all types of training and offers to prepare this level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP with its team of qualified instructors who supervise you throughout the course of training (theory and practice)

FFESSM              CEDIP

Program level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP

Level 1 of the French Federation of Underwater Sports and Study (FFESSM) and the European Committee of Professional Diving 
Instructors (CEDIP), allows you to dive up to 20m, framed by a monitor (PE1), or up to 12m in autonomous (PA1).
This Level 1 course gives divers the opportunity to discover the underwater environment and familiarize them with the
preparation of their equipment, the different launching techniques and the main elements of communication.

Level 1 is prepared in two stages:

- Practice: 4 to 6 dives to know, use and maintain their equipment, communicate under the water with the main signs, respect the rules of safety, ensure his safety and acquire a perfect ease under water.

- Theory: a theoretical training and a theoretical examination proposed to validate the knowledge.

Level 1 certification takes place in the form of continuous monitoring.

Since July 2011, there are new certifications:

We now distinguish the concepts of framed divers (PE) and autonomous divers (PA).

Different levels are proposed with, for each of the prerogatives, in particular of depth, different:

PE1(12m), PE2(20m) , PE3 (40m), PE4(60m)

PA1(12m), PA2(20m), PA3(40m), PA4(60m).

The Blue Sea Divers diving center can provide you with all the information you need.

Requirement for Level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP

This diploma level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP is accessible from 12 years (for minors: parental authorization) with a medical certificate of no contraindication to scuba diving. (It is recommended to have this certificate made before your departure).

The team of professionals of the club will give you all the explanations concerning the course of the training.

At the end of the dive, the club issues a diploma nominative level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP

Organization of training days for preparation at level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP

The days of training will be defined on the spot directly with the diving center Blue Sea Divers

IMPORTANT: make sure that the possible domestic flights as well as your arrival and departure flights are not within a period of 48 hours before the start or the end of a dive (we advise you to plan ideally a minimum of 72 hours)


Blue Sea Divers information
The diving center ofeers also diving lessons for all levels PADI, CMAS, CEDIP et FFESSM.


CMAS             PADI                FFESSM              CEDIP

The diving center is open every day from monday to sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Duration of dives :

- Leaving at 9.30 am and return at 12.30 : maximum 2 dives

- Leaving afternoon at 1.30PM and return 4PM : maximum 2 dives

All dives are supervised by teachers and Diving Instructors and maximum 4 people per group.

The diving instructors speaks several languages: FRANCAIS - ANGLAIS - ITALIEN - ALLEMAND - CREOLE.

All diving sites are located between 15 and 40 minutes boat ride from the center.

The place where you are going to dive is depending on the meteo of the day.

It is possible to dive all year through but the quality of the sea visibility is depending on the wind.

Generally the best conditions for diving is between February and May and September to November.

The temperature of the sea is around 29° celsius and visiility over 30 meters.

From June to September the South West wind is very active specially in august, the visibility is low, the sea temperature drop to 25 degrees, a diving suit 3mm can be used.

Blue Sea Divers Equipment : 

The dive center is equipped with a Sub Coltri compressor and over 50 equipmentscomplets :

- Air bottles: aluminum tanks: 12 pieces x 10 Lt - 70 pieces x 12 Lt - DIN and INT valves

- Regulators: Brand: Beuchat - 35 pieces

- BCD (BCD): Brand: Beuchat - 35 pieces

- Combinations: Brand: Beuchat - 3mm (3 or 5 pieces per size for women and men)

- Torches: 25 pieces

- Fins: all sizes

- Snorkel masks available
FACILITIES FOR CHILDREN: available for courses and rental (PADI Bubble Maker & Junior Open Water Courses)


- 1 catamaran of 12 meters equipped with two 150hp engines for 20 people

- 1 catamaran of 10 meters with two 140cv engines for 16 people


Blue Sea Divers Security

The diving center and the boats are equipped with 2 bottles x 8 Lt Oxygen and a pharmacy

The nearest doctor is about 20 minutes from the dive center.

The decompression chamber is 20 minutes from the dive center (Victoria Hospital) or 30 minutes (on Silhouette Island)

Medical Staff Training: First Aid Instructor DAN EUROPE - DAN INSURANCE to the dive center



Diving Seychelles

The Seychelles comprises 115 islands scattered in the blue sea, between 4 ° and 10 ° south of the equator.

You will find the possibility of very different and very impressive dives.

Seychelles is the remainder of a submerged chain of mountains and sits on a shallow site in which we find a varied and prolific marine life.

The excursion include


- Theoretical training
- Practical training (dives)
- Preparatory briefing before each dive
- Equipment, bottle, combination, palm, mask, waistcoat ...
- Transport by boat to the sites of the dives
- The granting of the diploma level 1 FFESSM - CEDIP (subject to obtaining)

The excursion do not include

- theoretical training (type "Code Vagnon diving - levels 1" or equivalent) available at the diving center, to be paid on site (it is advisable to obtain it before your departure)

  * Prices on this page are rounded to the lower euro
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