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Privacy Policy & cookies

1. Privacy Policy

Information that clients input on Seychelles Booking is not given to any one not in collaboration with Seychelles Booking but to those making part of the procedure. Seychelles Booking is the only one allow to use the clients personal information with the local suppliers in order to book and to make payments.
These information will be use as your identification all along your consultation on the site web and at the time of booking and at the time that payment is done online. Once a booking is done the supplier or suppliers will have access of your personal information through a secured interface (extranet) generate by Seychelles Booking.

2. Payment information

Online payments is secured by Cript SSL 256 (trust partner : Let's Encrypt Authority). Your bank details is immediately deleted as soon as the supplier or suppliers has done the debit.
The local suppliers are contracted with Seychelles Booking, they are not allow to use or give the clients personal information to anyone and shall keep your payments details in private and confidential.

3. Cookies

3.a. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a bit of information presented with written files registered on your computer. As soon as you have fill in information on Seychelles Booking through our web explorer, the cookies will automatically registered in your computer, your mobile phone or tablet.

The cookies sent by Seychelles Booking are unique and cannot be written, read or copy by any other site web.

The cookies that registered the information about your holiday, your preference and your choices will helps us to identify you as a unique client and to propose to you better offers related to what you are looking for.

You have the possibilities to set up to your internet explorer, rules to generate the cookies, to advised you when a cookies is sent to you, or to advise that you do not accept to registered the cooking in your computer.

In case you decide not to allow the registration of our cookies on your computer, note you will not get the access to the consultation of our products and will not get the access to our online and direct prices and no possible booking can be done.

3.b. How to get back a programe or a booking once the cookies have been deleted?

Each time you start to create a travel program , certain cookies are registered on your computer and an email is sent to you, by clicking on the link presented in that email, you can register the cookies which correspond to the to the travel program created if you have deleted by mistake or by own will, and get back the travel program created by you.

3.c. In which circumstances Seychelles Booking use the cookies?

The information we get through the cookies helps us to save your travel program and keep your preferences of departure each time you would like to book a service, Seychelles Bookings uses the cookies in these cases :

Identify unique the session for consultation
your travel preferences
List of services added to your request
Helps and advices the internet explorer
Unique identification session for the payment

3.d. How long does the cookies remains on Seychelles Bookings?

The cookies registered on your computer has a life expectancy of a maximum of 60 days, once the delay is over it will be necessary to generate the cookies by one of the emails received all along the consultation or booking procedures.

4. Comments of the clients

Upon return, each clients received an invitation by email to give their comments and what impressions did they get on each services booked with different criteria.
The inputs of the comment will be done through the access of the traveling program done before to create the bookings.
The inputs of the comments is free and can be written anonymously, however Seychelles booking reserves the right to remove any comments which can be harmful or judicial.

5. The clients departure

Seychelles Bookings propose a new system UNIQUE all the booking information in relative to their holiday are really booked by the clients themselves. The links presented on the site web "VIEW THE FULL TRIP REALISED BY THIS TRAVELER!" or "BY LOOKING AT THE PROGRAMME" allows you to consult a whole holiday package of a client in relation to a service booked by the same client.
You can also see and consult other programs created and booked online by other clients, the travelling information is very restricted, No names or clients information is indicate. The real dates are replaced by the number of nights staying, ex DAY 1 to DAY 3...

All the present information are given to other clients, are completely anonymous, no names and no dates of departures are mentioned, the real dates of departure are replaced step by step; example to stay in a hotel "from 25th to 26th August" will be presented like this "from day 1 to day 2"

6. How to delete your Travelling program

when you wish to consult your travelling program, go on top of the page and click the stat button Projet de voyage Seychelles simply click on the link "Manage my holiday planner" and then click on the button "Delete"

At any time you can consult your travelling program by using one of the emails sent ;all along the procedure to book .

BE CAREFUL : deleting a service already booked and paid, does not cancel the services to the local suppliers


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