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Seychelles Booking conditions of use

Seychelles Booking is a multi-central reservation allowing you to book travel services directly with suppliers locally. These terms of use apply to the whole of all services available on the site or offered by all partners. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Specific informations from suppliers in Seychelles about the Covid 19
We inform our clients that all normal cancelation policy is apply for any reason as long as the Seychelois authority do not give a notice that they do not accept any citizen coming from a country where health risk exist.

Consequently in the absence of a notice, any cancellation request which would not be applicable will depend on the diligence of each supplier.
Seychelles Reservations / Seychelles Booking cannot be held responsible for a supplier's refusal.

1. Our services

Seychelles Booking provided a portal to customers by this site so they can see, compare, design a travel project in one folder and that they can make the reservation directly with suppliers. . Thus, a travel project consists of several ground services can be booked only one time (with one payment) from different supplier. . During or after on our secure payment platform, you can view the details of payments and / or prepayments required by the (s) supplier (s), edit the registration documentation (vouchers) on behalf of suppliers corresponding to each service and edit the summary of your trip (photos and descriptions) date by date.
Every action performed on the website, you receive an email informing you of the status of your file, folder creation, folder cancellation, reservations, and confirmation of payment.

The contractual relationship is between you and the (s) supplier (s), when you validate a reservation, the detail of this is transmitted directly to the (x) supplier (s). Seychelles Booking charges no fees and acts as an intermediary; the contractual relationship is established between you and the supplier. If multiple services make up your trip, the contractual relationship is established between you and each supplier and their responsibility only commits the only services they provide.

When a supplier receives a reservation, it can perform adjustment for reserved services (see detail item No. 2) through the extranet made available. Any adjustment validated by the supplier is automatically updated in real time in your travel plans with entries written in blue below services concerned, you will receive an email informing that adjustment was made and asking you to reprint enrollment documentation (vouchers) updated. These adjustments do not imply any acceptance by you, unless the supplier offers not fit within the scope defined in paragraph 2, in which case it will contact you by email to request your agreement, in case of refusal on your part and only this case, the cancellation terms of the supplier may apply.

All providers have access to Seychelles Booking extranet so they can update the services, availability and services they offer. Seychelles Booking ensures that the information transmitted and validated by each supplier is well structured and conforms to site quality charter but would not be held responsible in case of tariff errors, inaccuracies regarding the description of the service, Availability or error problem in the cancellation policies. For these reasons, seychelles reserves the right to exclude a supplier that does not respect its commitments. Thank you to report any abuse!

These services are provided free of charge only for private use and never for commercial use (travel agent, tour operator, DMC) or competitive.

The services offered on the site Seychelles Booking are concerning the following services: hotels, tours, cruises, transfers, sea links, domestic flights, car hire, and wedding packages.

2. Availability & Services

The validatation of a reservation on the site Seychelles Booking implies that you have taken knowledge of these general conditions of use of the site and that you accept fully the information described below (2.1 to 2.9):

2.1 Hotel services
Booking an accommodation implies that you have read and understood the information given by suppliers on listings, for example time of check In and check Out...

Some hotels offer you the possibility to keep your room until late afternoon (time is indicated) at extra cost for “day use”. In this case, any charges will be applied and collected on site by the supplier.

travel plans, in this case, the supplier directly apply the reduction prior to your collection and show you the new amount before arrival or on arrival.

Other discounts are automatically calculated on line with the information provided by suppliers; these reductions are automatically deducted on the calculation.

IMPORTANT: It is you’re your responsibility to ensure the validity deadlines when there are reductions calculated online. You cannot make payment of a travel project if there are at least one reduction with the validity date is exceeded. The calculation proposed by Seychelles manages the validity of the reductions, however suppliers may refuse you a discount that would not be valid, even if it is not indicated or more in your travel plans, or during the various stages of payment.


2.2 Excursions
Booking an excursion in some cases can be subject to confirmation by the supplier when it is specified that a minimum of participants is required.

The starting point of the excursion is generally indicated by the supplier, however some excursions include a pick up by the supplier at the customer's hotel, It is important in this case to clearly specify the hotel name where you stay when booking, However, if the hotel was not booked on Seychelles Booking, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform the supplier directly by email or phone, the details of it are listed on the registration voucher (voucher).


2.3 Cruises
Booking a cruise does not include the transfer to the embarkation port. It is your responsibility to book with Seychelles Booking a transfer to get there. You should read the description of the cruise and be fully aware of the amounts that will be paid on the spot (cash edge - landing taxes ...).


2.4 Car Rental
When you booked a car, it is generally charged per 24 hours, in case of specified time is exceeded, an extra day is added to the total amount of your travel plans and you will have to pay it immediately on spot to the car rental supplier.

The price shown does not include damage waiver insurance which is to be paid optionally (no obligatory) directly from the supplier, we recommend you to ask for it in case it would not be proposed when you pick up the vehicle. It is advised to take this insurance or check with your bank card service if your payment cards it generally includes damage waiver insurance in case of accident, it is your responsibility to inquire beforehand.

2.5 Domestic Flights
Booking a domestic flight is subject to final reconfirmation of the supplier prior to your arrival or arrival. The supplier reserves the right to confirm another time in case of unavailability, when there is no timing available during the day, it may have to offer a maritime transport instead, with your agreement and adjusting the rate.

The schedule selected is not contractual; the supplier will do his best to guarantee a reservation approaching the chosen time and will give you confirmation before your arrival or on arrival.

Note: if your flight schedule has been modified by the supplier, the latter systematically reschedule departure times of your possible transfers booked on Seychelles Booking if they are taken through the same supplier or it will be up to you to prevent supplier transferring your new schedules.


2.6 Boat Transfer
Booking a boat is subject to reconfirmation by the supplier prior to your arrival or at arrival. The supplier reserves the right to confirm another time in case of unavailability.

The departure time selected is not contractual; the service provider on site will do anything to guarantee a reservation approaching the chosen time and will give you confirmation before your arrival or on arrival.

Note: if the schedule of your boat has been modified by the supplier, the latter systematically reschedule departure times of your possible transfers booked on Seychelles Booking if they are taken through the same supplier or it will be up to you to prevent supplier transferring your new schedules.


2.7 Transfers hotels, correspondence transfers, VIP welcome
Booking a Transfer from or to your hotel or to make a correspondence between an airport and a marina includes assistance free by the supplier. It is important to state at the time of booking, arrival flight number. The supplier will agree with you schedules for transfers that you would have reserved during your stay.

2.8 Wedding Packages
Wedding packages are available only if you book a minimum of night in the hotel that offers the package. Booking a Wedding package does not include the transfer from or to your hotel. It is recommended to read the description of the package before any booking and take knowledge of information relating to Marriage in the Seychelles.

2.9 Plan trip with several services
When a proposed trip is booked and includes several services with different suppliers any cancelation of a services from your part or from a supplier cannot justify any cancelation of services book with another supplier. In such cases, it is your responsibility to replace the canceled service by another service available on Seychelles – or on another site. You can contact us for advice on the selection of a new service.

IMPORTANT : it is essential to print the various booking receipts (vouchers) in order to remit them to each supplier on arrival, these include supporting information or codifications relating to possible reductions, these could not be applied by suppliers in case of no show and would result in additional billing.

If you are unable to edit your proof of reservation or want our suport following a cancellation of service, please do contact us

3. Conditions for cancellations

Each provider updates and is responsible for the conditions of cancellations present on the site for its own services. Reminder: Seychelles Booking receives no cancellation fees.

To cancel a benefit, you can inform the supplier directly by email or phone, but we recommend to get a proof of cancelation notify by the provider.
The coordinates of the supplier are listed on the registration voucher (voucher). Or you can use the "Cancellation Request" available in the file "Manage my travel plan". If you must cancel all of your travel plans, you must notify each supplier directly by email or phone, their contact details are listed on each enrollment documentation (vouchers).

Cancelling a service component a travel project, even for a legitimate reason, does not constitute a ground for annulment from other suppliers.

When you made a cancellation from a supplier, it applies the fees in strengths as described in its own cancellation policy if any, and should give you a cancellation invoice (on request).

Some suppliers may withhold bank charges generated during transactions to make refunds! This is independent to Seychelles Booking, Each supplier is free to deduct their bank charges or not.

IMPORTANT: Deleting or erase a travel project via link "manage my travel plan" does not constitute a cancellation request from suppliers when payment has already been made.

If problems concerning the cancellation, thank you to conctact us.

4. Documents

The documents published by Seychelles Booking

The documents published on the website Seychelles Booking are communicated for information, in the name of the supplier(s), the information included in these documents are communicated by the suppliers.

- The various emails sent as domain names: Seychelles Reservations & Seychelles Booking.

- The summary of payments and prepayment

- Vouchers (proof of enrollment)

- The detailed program (descriptions and photos)

The documents published by suppliers

Only documents presented by suppliers have contractual value, they can be delivered before the guest's arrival or on site.

- The various e-mails sent under the provider's domain name

- Invoice when booking (deliver before arrival or on arrival)

- The cancellation invoice deliver in case of cancelation

5. Payments & Receipts

Seychelles Booking does not make any collection on behalf of suppliers or their banks Seychelles Booking provides a payment interface that connects with your payment (s) supplier (s) by secure system SSL 256 bits and authenticated by a trusted third party (Let' 's encrypt). All payment data is transmitted by encryption and are themselves encrypted before transmission. All payment data are systematically destroyed after the receipt of the supplier. No Data kept by Seychelles Booking.

When booking one or more services on the site Seychelles Booking, a detail of "payments and prepayments" is available from the card payment form and after validation thereof. This allows you to see what will be charged to your card at time of booking and / or upon arrival (this service is new!)

The detail of "payments and prepayments" indicates for each supplier payment terms chosen for each service for each supplier

- If for a service it indicates "Total payment" it means the provider will conduct the collection of the total amount of the service before arrival.

- If for a service it indicates «xx% Prepayment" means that the provider will conduct the collection xx% of the amount of the service prior to your arrival and ask the balance on arrival.

- If for a service it indicates "Payment on arrival" this means that the provider will conduct the collection of the total amount of the service on arrival.

NOTE: some banks may levy charges for foreign transactions, make sure these potential fees with your bank. These costs are not charged by the suppliers.

In case of non-compliance with payment or prepayment by a supplier, thank you de Contact us.

6. Cookies and confidentialities

Seychelles Booking respects the personal data collected during the use of its services, for more information consult our Charter of confidentiality and cookies page. Privacy policy & cookies.

7. Disclaimer

Seychelles Booking is not involved in the deed of sale and therefore does not replace the responsibility of the supplier.

Seychelles Booking would not be held responsible for content and incorrect descriptions provided by the suppliers who do not comply to services obtained on site or at the rates indicated on site that are misconceived,. Also Seychelles Booking would not be held responsible even partial cancellation by a supplier, of one or more services for some reason whatsoever (strikes, weather conditions, technical failures, business failures ...)

Seychelles Booking agrees to sanction all suppliers for which a failure would have been established or the breach established.

8. Comments and other Customer holidays

The comments entered by travelers are not a commitment at the level of delivery quality and is left to your own judgment and discretion.

Other Customer holidays
Seychelles Booking offers to visualize the trips made by other travelers, , All services combined in their travel plans, this gives you an idea and can enjoy their experiences, it did not guaranty of the quality of the service chosen in the project and is left to your own discretion.

9. Travel Information

Detailed travel information on the different pages of the site Seychelles Booking are for information only and have no contractual value.
Information about the wedding in Seychelles are those communicated by the French authorities (Consulate of France in Victoria) or other embassy for other citizens. Seychelles Booking would not be held responsible for inaccurate information and the validity downloadable forms and documents (PDF or other documents), it is the customer's resort to formally provide information relating to the French legislation or its country of origin. It is asked foreign nationalities to inquire directly with their respective consulate.

10. Rights & intellectual properties

All services offered on Seychelles Booking are the exclusive property of Indian Ocean Tour SAS.

Some photos provided by suppliers who own the copyright, other pictures are the property of Seychelles Booking; the copyright notice is indicated below each photo. It is strictly prohibited to copy a photo without permission from Seychelles Booking.

It is prohibited to copy descriptions of the various services even partially without the authorization of Seychelles Booking.

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