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FAQ - known issues

You will find below the most frequent issues, you can also contact us for any further questions in the file "contact us"

1. How to clear my travel plan

You can clear your entire travel plans by visiting your travel plans and clicking on the link "Manage my travel plan" and "erase". Important: This action does not undo the benefits that would have been settled, but disables display of your travel plans to eventually create another.

2. How to cancel one or more reservations

To cancel one or more benefits, you must contact the supplier or suppliers for each of benefits, by email or telephone, the coordinates are entered on each registration receipts (vouchers).

3. Can I receive assistance on site

The on-site assistance is only valid if you reserve one or more transfers, the service providing transfers may intervene with you in case of problems and offer solutions, it may also offer you other services, excursions...

4. I no longer see my travel plan

If your travel plans will not be displayed or if it disappeared, check that your internet browser accepts cookies management, if this is the case, click on the link in the email for your travel plans, this email was sent to you at the first registration or possibly in the mail sent when deleting your online travel project.

5. How to book my travel plan

To book your travel plans, you simply need to click on the link "BOOK" present at the bottom of your travel plans and continue the booking. It is impossible to continue the booking if any of these services in your travel project contains an error (zero rate) or if one of these reductions has an expiry date is exceeded. To rectify one of these two cases, simply remove the services or reduction with the cross at the line within the travel project, and possibly re-again or choose to book another service.

6. How can I get insurance for my journey

You get any insurance. Therefore we advise you to pay with a credit card type "VISA PREMIER", "MasterCard Gold", "American Express", "JCB", "Union Pay" or other Gold cards and check with your banking institution you are covered or subscribe an insurance from a private insurer specializing in travel like "Mondial Assistance", "Avi International", "Europ Assistance ... We recommend our partner in Seychelles SACOS SEYCHELLES

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