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Seychelles Bookings is a multi central reservation which allows you to book services for your holiday directly to the local suppliers. The present use of the general booking conditions is applicable together with all the services to your disposal on the sit web or which we propose together with our partners. The use of these general conditions is strict not to change without prior notice.

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Useful information with regards to the preparation of your wedding

The team of Select Seychelles is in charge to organize the coordination between the client and the French Embassy in Seychelles and the office of the Seychelles Civil status and also between the client and the hotel where the wedding will be taking place or again in certain cases where the ceremony is organize elsewhere on the beach depending on the package chosen. Assistance of the team is to orgaise the wedding with briefing in details upon your arrival to the Seychelles ; delivery of your wedding certificate

The different wedding packages proposed with a logical organisation fees and the other part is the fees for the packages with the extras.

The organisation fees includes :registration fees, Appostile (exept for British citizens).

The documents below should hand over in a minimum of 60 days before the wedding date in order to publish in France: Copy of both birth certificates dated less than 3 months to the wedding date ; a copy of the divorce certified of both partner or document indicate the divorce in case one of them has been married and divorce before or if one of them are widow or widower a certificate has to be provide as well. A copy of the first 6 pages of both passports; the documents has to be either English or French otherwise they has to be translate and notify by a nottary presented the original at the same time.

For the citizens of Switzerland : copy of certificate of address (Wohnsitzbescheinigung) and a legal document (Personenstandsausweis)certify that authority of Switzerland has nothing againt the wedding, these documents will be presented to the representative of Switzerland on Mahe and the couple getting married has to make a declaration on honour and sign affidavit in the presence of the representative of Switzerland on Mahe Seychelles.

For the French citizens all needed documents has to be hand over 60 days in advance prior to the wedding date : copies of both identitiy cards , (if the couple has children together, documents specify so that they can benefit the wedding - Article 331 civil code), copies of both passports , 1 identity photo of each applicant, notify wedding contract if there are , written support document to certify the profession of both applicant, telephone or electricity bill where both names of both applicants to prove their address and that they live together

For the Citizen of Italy: a copy of the certificate of address, letter all documents to the Embassy of Italy in Nairobi.

The options of the extras such as hairdresser / Photographer – video / Make ups/ Posy and buttonhole / decoration of the wedding site … champagne , cake , diner for the wedding … all the extras option will be proposed either by the hotels or by the independent suppliers. They have each their own booking and cancellation policy.

Generelly a delay of 60 days is required to organise a wedding, the clients have to make sure they are in law with the formalities asked by their country of residence and should have not already married or should get the divorce first.

The wedding is celebrate by the Seychelles authorities by an officer from the Seychelles civil status in perfect conformity between the French authorities and the Seychelles authorities. The French weddings are recognizing as legal. For other nationalities who would like to get married in Seychelles can sent us a request.

The witnesses are provided generally by either the hotel or the team organizing the wedding but if you are accompanied by your friends you have to send their identity to us at the time you make your booking.

If you would like to establish a wedding contract it is necessary that this is done before by a notary notifying and a copy sent 10 days at least before the wedding date.

We will propose to you some nice places that we organize weddings :

Please look at the list of all hotels who offer wedding packages in the window wedding


To get married in Seychelles is the guarantee of an unforgettable souvenir !

Notify wedding French Embassy - Juillet 2012

Information about weddings in Seychelles

The officer of the Seychelles Civil Status can do the ceremony for passengers on transit sufficient staying at least 3 days in the country.
In that case, the Seychellois wedding act can make subjected of a transcription to the registrar of that embassy, upon request of the couple who wants to get married, with the satisfaction with the conditions impose by article 171-1 of the French civil code.

The couples who wishes to get married in Seychelles, should addresses in parallel to the Civil status of Seychelles and to the department in concern to that Embassy at least two months before the date of the ceremony.

If the procedure is free for the French part, the right of stamps and transfer fees will be charge by the Seychelles authorities.

1. Take note of the address officer of the Seychelles Civil Status (Civil status)
who precise the file to complete.
Civil Status Division
B.P 430 Independance House
Tél. 00.248.429.36.13 ou 14
e-mail : or or


2. Take note of the below address of the Embassy to request for the publication of the wedding
Documents to be provided by both candidates two months before the ceremony, by post or simlpy brought to the Embassy :

From France or Europe
VICTORIA Ambassade
Section Consulaire
13 rue Louveau

- A copy of both birth certificates dated less than three months
- one justification of identity, at least a copy deliver by the public authority including photocopy of supporting documents;(photocopy of passport or identity card for example)
- a proof of address (in France or other country of residence)
- see the questionnaire attached

N.B : partner from other countries
if one of the applicant is from a foreign country, the mentioned documents has to be translate in French and recognize or appostile depending to the usage from the country of origin.
In any case, the Embassy reserves the posibility to audition the couple when arrive in Seychelles.
Upon receipt of the complete file, the French Embassy will proceed with the publication of the wedding in the lobby as well as to the mairie or to the consulate of residence and will deliver the certificate of the wedding capacity to the French getting married.
3. The wedding celebrate by the officer from the Seychelles Civil Status
A wedding well prepared will be celebrate by an officer from the Seychelles Civil Status, upon modalities convenient to him (place, date).

If the couple wishes to have transcription to the Seychelles act, the couple can bing a copy themselves to the Embassy, just by appostile by the Supreme court of Seychelles, or can be sent by post.
Be carefull: if no appostile done, the embassy will not be in the position to register in the Seychelles act and will not be able to take care of this matter and will move on with those interesting.
4. Transcription
Upon the documents provided, after the publication of the wedding, if there is no opposition and if the wedding is satisfied by the civil code, the wedding certificate will be registered by the service of the consulate.
The notices mentioned will be address to the mairies where each of the candidates were born.
5. Expedition
3 copies of the French wedding certificate as well as the livret de famille will be sent to both by a registered recommended letter within 2 or 3 months
6. Wedding to the Embassy
The French clients getting married on transit cannot be celebrate at the French Embassy. In fact, article 74 of the civil code provide a condition of address or a residence of one month minimum staying continuously to the date of the publication of the wedding.
The present notice is establish in a simple ending of orientation for candidates getting married in Seychelles, in accordance with the law without engaging the responsibilities of the administration, especially the part where it involves the procedures of seychelles.

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