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Your flights to the Seychelles, we propose to you the cheapest flight tickets for Mahe and Praslin, our flight navigator allows you to do your research in a shorter time and get better offers, several companies propose flight to Mahe.


Airlines that the affluent Seychelles

It exist several airline companies which goes to Seychelles but we recommend below airlines

Etihad (with stopover in Abu Dhabi)
Emirates (with stopover in Dubai)
Condor (with stopover in Frankfurt)
Kenyan Airways (with stop in Naerobi
Ethiopian Airlines (with stopover in Addis Ababa)
Emirates (with stop in Dubaï)
Condor (with stop in Francfort)
Kenyan Airways (with stop in Naerobi
Ethiopian Airlines (with stop in Addis-Abeba)
Qatar Airways witn stop in Doha
Air Australe with stop in St Denis de la Reunion
Sri-lankan airline with stop in à Colombo
Turkish Airlines with stop in Istambul
Austrian airlines with stop in Vienne
British Airways with stop in Londres
Joon (charter Air France) with stop in Paris

Our sugestions

- Amongst the results you find, we will advise you to take a flight with a stopover of over 2 hours minimum in order to have a good correspondence with the next flight.
- The booking makes part of your holiday, it is advisable to wait for the full confirmation for availabilities of other services booked on our web site Seychelles Bookings before paying the flight tickets from our or other web site.

Flight Schedule to the Seychelles

The flights are generally at night upon departure, for the return from Seychelles you can find flight departing during the day as well at night depending on the airline company chosen.
We highly recommend that you take a flight at noght in order to make the use of your last day in the country and to guarantee a good connection if you come from other island.

Important : The web navigator which search for flights to the Seychelles propose different flight possibilities, we highly recommend that you make extra carefull with the schedule and the day for connection because most of the time the most impressive price has very long stop overs!

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If you add your flight to your travelling programme, that will allows you to visualize your return flights on the programme or quote created and have all the relative elements of your holiday on the same documents.

Be careful : the fact that you have add an international flight through our partner web navigator , does not mean that the price is included in the total of your travelling plan but simply an outside service which makes part of your travelling project !


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